Curiousity from killing crossing

My grandfather was Erik Söderström. My father was Klas. He was born in 1916. We can imagine the times. Two years were left of the first world war. Many more to suffer from the agony. Klas already had two siblings. The family lived in Oxtorgsgatan in Stockholm. My grandfather was a lawyer and my grandmother a housekeeper. Erik was originally from Gefle and studied in Uppsala in the 1880´s. Karin, born in Uddevalla, where her father was a doctor at the regiment, also lived in Grythyttan, before she moved to Viggebyholm, near Täby, outside Stockholm.

In Stora Bastugatan 22, the charity organization Pro Patria, with roots in mediaval  time, had a maternity ward. It was, among others,  initiated by the King Gustav III and 1778 the ward moved in. This branch of Pro Patria aimed to help young mothers to give birth for a small fee or free of charge. The maternity ward was closed in the 1950´s.

The Pro Patria building was also, during a time, called “Thulehuset”, because the insurance company “Lifförsäkringsbolaget Thule” had it´s headoffice there. The managing directors post was own both by Sven and Gunnar Palme. They were father and grandfather to Claës and Olof Palme, Olof later our prime minister. The elderly building is now replaced. Stora Bastugatan is now called Sveavägen and the new building has the address Sveavägen 40.

My father was born in the Pro Patria-building at Stora Badstugatan. I don´t think he knew that. Gunnar Palme, Olof Palmes father, was managing director there, up to his death 1932.

On the south side of the building of today is Tunnelgatan. It was in this crossing, 28th of february 1986, Olof Palme was assasinated.

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