The Tsesis accident

Even Sweden has it´s whistleblowers.

In 1977 the Sovjet tanker Tsesis struck a bank at Fifång outside Södertälje, in coastal Sweden. The hit shook althtrough the vessel. The negative surprise made the captain alarm the crew for checking damages and the pilot once again looking through the path they were going. He also doublechecked  the chart and what could be seen from the lighthouses. He couldn´t see he´d done anything wrong. Out of this unfortunate situation 1000 cubicmeters of oil sprung out doing considerable damage to the coastline north of the scene.

In the early process the officials blaimed the pilot and the captain of Tsesis for the accident. Anders Ahlmark, cartograph at the “state department of maritime traffic”, knew there was something missing on the charts at the place where Tsesis struck bottom. He had alarmed before, but the incoherence of his superior officers, made him turn to the media.

The Sovjets picked this up and turned to Claës Palme, a lawyer in “international maritime law” and known by the Sovjets from other encounterings. Claës Palme piloted the Sovjets in there law suite against Sweden and eventually won the case. A case he ironically, to some extent, had against his brother Olof Palme, prime minister in Sweden at that time.

The disobedience of Anders Ahlmark became a personal catastrophy for him. He was punished, as he was degraded and sent to be a lighthouse caretaker at the southern tip of Öland.

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