Maritime defence. Fall of 1982. The southern archipelago of Stockholm. Part 1.


He was called in for the weekend and his foreman waited for him at the landing in the coastal community. They certainly not threw words at eachother. He knew him as less talkative than most. A nod was sufficient. Though later the foreman updated him of the situation. People coming to the island needed some extra care due to the current situation. The coastal inlet was very broad here and a trip for 12 kilometers. These waters were not easy to fish for U-boats in, he thought. Two military green, Boeing 107 Vertol-helicopters, nonetheless hovered over the shallowing water near our island, with the sonar in a wire. Defending the kingdom of Sweden. 

The boat was from aluminum. Self corrosion protected inside and painted blue outside. It was built like a disembarkment boat, you could only roll on-roll off in the bow, where a gate could be lowered and serve as a landing. The vessel could carry smaller, motored, vehicles. In the aft a fully covered steering cabin. Bordering the starboard rail a crane. This boat built at a dockyard further down south by the coast. They hadn´t calculated the resonance, nor the ability in high seas. It was a pain to go with her and it felt it took all day. She was very slow, even if the sea was calm. She struggled.  


They were darkshadowed contours moving quickly in the edge of the shoreline. It looked as if it was a rubber boat, some 3 meters long, they dragged a short bit up the greylichened sloping cliff. Their equipment lean and few items, the biggest some sort of automatic weapon. The weapons were deployed, they were ready to fire. One could image a knife in the belt. Rubber gloves to go with the wet suit. All in black. Futher away another party  of the same kind. Snorkles broke the surface, five of them. They rose  and heads ascended, together with fairly thick tubes attached to a nozzle. They took it out breaching the surface. Round the neck an inflatable harness  life jacket. One minute swimming goggle moved sidewards, against him standing hidden meters away. He frooze in fear of giving up his position. The goggles turned to forward direction. All divers climbed out of their flippers and attached them to a diagonal strap reaching from shoulder to hip. The boat carried up to the trees climbing the upper slope, disappeared behind a fitting edge. The wind was heading him, but he only heard the permanent sound of waves from the sandy part of the beach below his quarters. He sensed a burnt smell from his grill. The pine tree he was behind, swayed and dropped a cone beside him. He moved his foot, but made no noise. The group of frogmen were gone to their mission. He took a step to the right from his shelter. Scanned the shore and the cliffy climb. He rushed to consult his boss. The darkness frightened him to think he was to get his throat slid open. They decided to sleep together, but didn´t get any that night. 

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