For short “about”, my name is Sten Söderström, 60 years old. Retired, living in Borås, Sweden. Two daughters and I´m grandfather to a boy of two.  I´ve recently been involved in promoting the “Unhappy painting” of mine, as made by August Strindberg.

My intension is to deliver texts from then and now, together forming a wholeness I later intend to present in a bigger format. These will be representing the family range from my grandparents, experiences from my life onto thoughts of the possible future of eternal “life” I believe in. Bringing a sentence of understanding to my children, that´s impossible to give otherwise.

Why English? Well, why not. I experience writing better in English. Translation will be done later on or on request.

I´ll try to maintain my Facebook- and Instagram for extended  “about”. See links.

Opinions “about” wrong spelling or incorrect grammar will be received thankfully.